Representation & Interconnection in Brussels – the
center of Europe

Our goal is the enhancement of the European profile for every company and organization by providing integrated representation, information and networking services.

About us

EuroConnect constitutes your link to the European Union. Our office, located in the capital of Europe and international decision-making centre, in Brussels, provides an innovative representation service, fully aligned with your needs and goals and much more. Our office is open to all public and private organizations, educational institutions, municipalities and regions who wish to take advantage of EU opportunities, to keep abreast of European developments and have our personnel as their own representator there, to undertake their cases. The company is based in central Brussels (4 rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Etterbeek Brussels, Belgium).

Why we do it

A successful connection to the European scene offers many benefits to organizations. It can help in building up working relations with partners from other countries, in a better understanding of policies, in the search and exploitation of funding and in the implementation of sustainable projects, based on solutions that have already produced the expected benefits.

Moreover, the know how transfer constitutes a unique opportunity for a quickly and effective adaptation to the rapidly evolving areas that concern every Organization and Enterprise. Guaranteeing the best possible expertise, we achieve an understanding of the new challenges and their direct and exact addressing through a range of services.

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