• Representation by physical presence in Brussels
  • Taking the entire process of the Establishment Company in Belgium
  • Consulting services for harmonization with European policies
  • Information on good practices
  • Interconnection with European organizations
  • Personalized information - Direct information for financial instruments
  • Software development
  • Technical Support Services
  • Educational services
  • Market Research
  • Call Center Support Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Employee Evaluation and Selection
  • Networking services
  • Accounting Services

Meeting Rooms

We provide a suitable place to meet your customers, to make a presentation, to communicate with colleagues situated off via teleconference, or to carry out an event, all designed according to your wishes. Fully equipped offices and meeting rooms (numerous options depending on the number of people and the needs of each professional circumstance) with wifi, videoconferencing possibility, access to printers, fax etc.

Info Days

Timely information for upcoming Open Days in Brussels and around the world through an easy to use program - calendar with filtering options. In addition, there is also the possibility of personal presence and representation from our experienced staff and feedback sending.


Valuable Informations

EuroConnect informs you about the policies of interest to your organization. Energy, environment, business development, regional policy and transport are some of the numerous areas for which you now have an opportunity to receive a complete information, consisting of:

1. Advice on harmonization with European policies
2. Information on best practices
3. Information concerning individualized financial tools


Networking Events

Our company organizes networking events and provides its customers with participation privileges. These events achieve: Interconnection with organizations that share common objectives (clusters) and exchange of experience

1. Strengthening of your European profile
2. Strengthening of your European profile
3. Networking and Collaborations
4. Discovering new horizons and exploitation of these

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