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13 April 2019
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Prize for renewable energy islands

This prize will reward achievements in local renewable energy production for electricity, heating, cooling, and transport on islands.

The title is inspired by RES (short for Renewables) and “responsible” to highlight the citizen in the center of the energy system.
Within this context, the prize recognizes realized achievements in renewables on geographic energy islands.

Geographic energy islands are ideal test labs for the deployment of innovative energy technologies.
The prize will reward integrated local RES production in a decentralized electricity grid and the achievements
in decarbonizing heating, cooling and transport.

In this context, renewable energy consumed on the island is also linked to the renewable energy produced on the island, supporting its
local value chains and self-engaging the local society as a RESponsible prosumer.

The specific rules of the contest will be published by the European Commission at the beginning of each yearly competition.

The indicative budget for the prize is EUR 1.7 million from the 2020 budget, intended as an award for
two yearly competitions: EUR 0.5 million for the 1st place, EUR 0.25 million for the 2nd place, EUR 0.1 million for the 3rd place.

This activity directly aimed at supporting pilot activities is excluded from the delegation to INEA and will be implemented by the Commission services.

Expected Impact:
The prize will highlight realized achievements/best practices in reaching the potential of renewable energy for covering electricity, heating, cooling and transport needs
in off-grid societies, and in the introduction of innovative technologies to the market. It will be a recognition of a responsible local society committed to expanding the
share of renewables. It will also provide excellent visibility for citizens participating in the promotion of innovative renewable energy technologies.

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