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Awesome Start-Ups that will be featured during EU@SXSW event.

EU@SXSW is excited to feature a mix of awesome European startups on its outdoor Demo Deck! Ten of the featured companies were selected from a competitive pool of over 220 applications! Not only do these companies represent some of the hottest technologies on the market, but they have also each participated in a European Commission funded program, so together they are a fitting testament to the EU’s efforts to foster innovation.

The products they bring are unique and exhibit a wide variety of goods: from Italian smartglass eyewear and British smartphone keyboards, to education software from Latvia and TV-production software from France. With 10 startups hailing from 10 different Member States, the EU is incredibly proud to be supporting a diverse display of some of the best tech innovations coming up in the European Market today. You can read more about the companies and their Commission programs below.

Alongside these companies, Demo Deck will also showcase startups nominated directly by EU Member State Embassies in Washington DC, an example of the strength, connectivity, and cooperation of the EU digital ecosystem!

CANARD Drones (Spain) – “Calibration of Navigational Aids with Drones”

Safety is the number one priority in the air transportation industry.  In an effort to ensure this, airports throughout the world are equipped with internationally-regulated Navigational Aid systems (NavAids) that use visual and radio beacons to help pilots safely maneuver approaches and landings – the phases in which most airborne accidents occur.  Inspected and calibrated manually from the air, the NavAid calibration systems are very bulky and expensive; and as the drone industry continues to rise in interest and practicality, a new solution is needed.  CANARD is the first company in the world that provides a smart, green, and cost-effective alternative to using manned aircraft for this task.  Using state-of-the-art technology that provides inspection and calibration of aeronautical NavAids, CANARD assists in preloading drone missions to navigate, capture data, and return to base autonomously.  Only one year into their project, this Spanish company has already received 16 international awards for innovation and entrepreneurship, and also recently closed €1.2 million of seed investment from a London-based VC.  They are supported through the European Union’s FINODEX Second Call funding package.

CityCrop (Greece) – “A Mini Vertical Farm For Your Home”

Urban farming has been a popular trend among city dwellers for many years now. Yet for those who do not have easy access to a porch or local pea-patch, finding the ability to grow fresh fruit and vegetables can be difficult. Enter: CityCrop, the intelligent indoor garden that connects to your phone via Wifi and lets you grow pesticide-free food year round. Using hydroponics and LED grow lights, this automated farming system provides the exact nutrition and environment needed for plants to grow to their full potential – and the small, stackable design allows the vertical farm to fit anywhere in your apartment. Using the app, you can control all of your gardening from your phone: from managing the temperature, lighting, and water cycles to snapping pictures of your plants and receiving advice from CityCrop’s “plant doctors.” Already featured in numerous tech and business expositions, CityCrop looks to expand its market within the United States, especially to those looking to grow their own fruits, vegetables, herbs, and legal cannabis. They participated in the European Union’s FIWARE Accelerator Programme.

Edurio (Latvia) – “What Grades Can’t Measure”

With a vision of contributing to a higher quality of education around the world comes Edurio, a software tool that collects and analyzes student feedback to provide deeper insights into classrooms and help those in charge of academics. Edurio makes student, family, and teacher feedback an accessible and valid source of data in education through its simple survey platform, which provides research-based questions, enables easy survey collection, and delivers simple and comparable data visualizations that quickly translate complex data into meaningful insights. These insights help school districts, principals, and teachers better understand how everyone in their program is doing, and can assist school-board members in making investment decisions, creating professional development programs, and evaluating the impact of any new product or school-improvement initiatives. Edurio may also be used by publishers or EdTech companies that want to measure the impact of their initiatives as well. Founded in 2014, this Riga-based organization is currently used in over 300 schools in five countries, and is now ready to expand to the United States as well. Founded by the Horizon 2020 funding package, Edurio is excited about their opportunity to participate alongside the European Union at SXSW this upcoming March.

GirlCrew (Ireland) – “Find Your Crew”

Join a group, say hello, post an event – and go! GirlCrew is an events-focused social network for women who are looking to make new friends, seek advice, and share knowledge with one another. From organizing brunch parties to trampoline parties, hiking excursions to holidays abroad, this Dublin-based startup has already succeeded in connecting over 80,000 members across four continents. With a new webapp that is set to be launched in the United States this upcoming March, GirlCrew is proud to participate with the European Union at SXSW, and hopes to increase exposure to their innovative idea through showing American women the many ways that they can get involved. They are supported through the EU’s Welcome Project, and have already been featured in various global news outlets such as The Irish Times, Toronto Life, TV3, The Daily Record, and the Oklahoma Gazette.

GlassUp (Italy) – “Glass Is More”

See everything your smart phone has to offer…without actually having to look at it. For the past two years, this vision has been the driving force of GlassUp, a group of eyewear developers in Modena, Italy, who have successfully created two forms of “smartglasses.” The first are the UNO lenses, which use Low Energy Bluetooth to relay alerts into the lower-third of your vision: incoming emails, tweets, text messages, current news briefs – UNO can even translate your words into visual cues to communicate with those with hearing impediments. Their second product, the F4 glasses, is designed for industrial use, featuring a video camera, a thermographic camera, multicolor vision, 23 degrees field of view, and much more. Sticking true to their Italian pride in quality design and fashion, GlassUp is committed to developing slick and comfortable frames that weigh only 20 grams (0.7 ounces) heavier than normal glasses. Eager to expand to the United States, the eyewear developers have already participated in numerous tech expositions, and are excited to participate in SXSW. They are supported through the European Union’s Horizon 2020 funding package.

Moggie (Sweden) – “Cat Care Reinvented”

Modern day pet owners often have very busy lives that forfeit their ability to pay attention to their pet’s preferences, health trends, and habits, commonly resulting in a reactionary approach to pet care that immediately defers to veterinarians for assistance – which can be a very costly expense. To try and reduce this cost and make pet care easier for working animal owners, the Swedish company Moggie has created a smartcollar and mobile app to help provide better care for your cat. Using intelligent algorithms, Moggie can track your cat’s daily activity, understand its needs, analyze its behavioral patterns, and even text you when they are feeling ill or tired. With its lightweight structure, waterproof design, and breakaway clasp, Moggie is one of the first smartcollars with a focus on safety. As the organization considers the United States to be one of its biggest markets, Moggie will be on display alongside the European Union at SXSW this upcoming March. They are supported through the E.U.’s Startup Scaleup and Welcome Project programs.

Oblumi (Spain) – “The Now Family Thermometer”

In hopes to improve peace of mind for working families, the Spanish company Oblumi has created Oblumi tapp, a small, well-designed device that converts into a digital infrared thermometer when connected to a smartphone. With an app available for iOS and Android, tapp offers a wide range of possibilities to ease the stress of monitoring the health and wellness of infants: by simply resting tapp against the appropriate surface, you can immediately receive an accurate body temperature reading, as well as the temperature of any liquid such as milk or bathwater. Meanwhlie, the handy app allows you to calculate appropriate medicine dosages, examine past data for future references, receive alert notifications, and even communicate directly with your doctor. The recipient of numerous awards and recognitions, Oblumi hopes to use their successful stint in Europe to take their sleek, compact, and innovative thermometer to the United States, and looks forward to demonstrating tapp at SXSW alongside the European Union. They are supported through the E.U.’s Fi-Ware Fi-C3 and Startup ScaleUp Program.

Setkeeper (France) – “The premier solution for TV and film production managers”

Maintain focus on the big picture, leave the details to Setkeeper. The premier solution for TV and film production managers to save time in both prep and production, Setkeeper offers an easy way for you to watermark your documents, keep control over document distribution, streamline location scouting, casting, dailies and cut sharing. This online project management platform is ideal for video production teams, whether they be making television, film, or commercials. With a high involvement in the European film and TV industry – a Production and Digital Production Partnership affiliate – Setkeeper is now hoping to raise its solution to a more prominent role in the production of American cinema and television, and is excited for the opportunity to do so alongside the European Union at the upcoming SXSW. They are supported through the NUMA project.

Thingthing (UK) – “What a Mobile Keyboard Should Be”

At Thingthing, they believe in a future where you’ll just type, and they’ll do the rest. Instead of constantly switching apps on your phone to insert photos, send calendar appointments, share links, or search for documents, Thingthing has unified all of this into its mobile keyboard. An innovative approach to smartphone keyboard technology and contextual prediction, this London-based company has already received high praise from media outlets such as The Financial Times, TechCrunch, Wired, and Macworld. With over half of their users coming from the United States, Thingthing is looking forward to engaging with Americans alongside the European Union at SXSW, where they will continue to demonstrate their product. They are supported through the E.U.’s Welcome Project funding package.

Tripaya (Portugal) – “Helping People Explore The World”

Set your budget, insert your interests, and let Tripaya do the rest. Completely free to use, this website demonstrates an entirely new approach to travel planning: instead of messing around trying to find the best locations and activities for the price range you are looking at, Tripaya gives you the best options depending on your preferences. Romance, beach, family fun, nightlife, cultural experiences – select what you enjoy, insert how much you are looking to spend, and the rest is done for you. A recipient of the European Union’s EPlus Europe initiative, Tripaya is excited to engage with Americans alongside the E.U. at SXSW, as the United States is currently their second-largest usage base.